Objectives – Colegio de las Hijas de Jesus, Inc.


General Objectives

To achieve these goals, CHJ, Inc.  uses an approach wherein respect for the uniqueness of persons implies an education suited to the responsibilities, qualities and needs of students. It utilizes the most adequate methods to respond to these needs, with guidance and accompaniment as necessary elements in helping each child grow in personal maturity.

In keeping with its vision-mission, CHJ’s education emphasizes the type of “trademark” it wants to inculcate to students to become:

a. A Christian community of believers.

We teach our students to grow in the love of God and to show this love by acquiring the values of Jesus Christ, especially His love for the poor.

b. A community of life –long learners.

We challenge students to use to maximize  their God-given gifts and talents. The students of CHJ are challenged to overcome mediocrity. They are motivated to exercise their potentials and capabilities and strive for excellence in the different dimensions of their personality. The intellect, imagination, feelings and emotions, physique, etc. are gifts that the Lord wants each human person to use in the full, in order to discover one’s purpose in life and find meaning and joy in being part of the human family.

c. A micro-society with conscience.

As a community, we have the duty to form the conscience of our students. Firstly, we have to search the truth. Using our knowledge of our Christian doctrines we teach our students what is good and what is evil, to judge rightly and make the right choices. Instructions must teach our students what is right and accept responsibility for their actions. Secondly, we have to teach them to grow in objectivity and honesty with regard to their relationship to one another, to be sensitive to other person’s rights, and to constantly evaluate their choices and actions if they are according to the principles of Christian charity and justice.