Department Objectives

Department Objectives

 The department objectives of the school are as follows :


1.Spiritual Life

a. Cultivate personal awareness of being loved  by God who is Father.

b. Relate more personally to Jesus as Brother and Friend and to Mary as

c. Develop the attitudes of Little Juanita such as honesty, respect,    
prayerfulness, obedience, simplicity, generosity and sensitivity to the
needs of others .

2. Personal and Social Development

a. Form work habits of independence, neatness, orderliness and individual     responsibility.

b. Acquire good health habits and hygiene .

c. Grow in appreciation for God’s creation and care for the environment.

d. Develop awareness of Filipino values, culture and traditions .

3. Intellectual Development

a. Acquire aesthetic sense and creative expressions.

b. Master the basic concepts of numbers, shapes, letters, sounds and    
vocabulary needed for self expression.

c. Acquire basic skills in reading and writing .

d. Explore basic psychomotor skills to develop good motor coordination and     sport skills.

e. Develop the ability to observe, think, classify, plan and make choices    
necessary to meet the challenges of the first grade .


1. Spiritual Development

a. Develop personal relationship with Jesus, Mary and St. Candida .

b. Grow in habit of personal prayer, appreciation and respect for all things
that are spiritual.

c. Acquire Gospel values of simplicity, integrity inner-directedness and love
for the poor.

d. Develop appreciation and love for the Church and its mission .

e. Grow in participation in the sacraments .

2. Personal and Social Development

a. Develop self-confidence and sense of independence in doing tasks and    

b. Discover and accept one’s uniqueness, talents, abilities and limitations .

c. Continue developing love and appreciation for one’s family.

d. Develop the attitude of teamwork, sense of responsibility and concern for     the common good .

e. Grow in deeper appreciation and respect for Filipino values, culture and
   tradition .

3. Intellectual Development

a. Cultivate the love for learning and practice sense of excellence.

b. Develop logical and critical thinking, decision-making and problem

c. Intensify one’s oral and written communication skills both in Filipino
and English.

d. Strengthen the process of inquiry and research with the use of
investigative process.

e. Develop the skills in music, culture and arts, physical  and health
education, livelihood and computer technology in maximizing one’s 

f.  Master the basic competencies necessary as preparation for High School .


1.Spiritual Development

a. Deepen one’s relationship with Christ making His values the criteria for 
one’s choices and conduct in daily life through prayerful discernment.

b. Grow in love and devotion to Mary and  St. Candida making them the   
model of simplicity, integrity, inner-directedness and love for the poor.

c. Develop sense of filiation with God as Father and everyone as a brother
or a sister .

d. Develop strong sense of the Church, commitment and active participation     in its  mission and sacraments.

2.Personal and Social Development

a. Heighten the love and appreciation for one’s family.

b. Acquire the right use of freedom, sense of responsibility and sound moral  judgment for the promotion of the common good.

  • Develop greater involvement in environmental protection and sustainability as responsible stewards of God’s creation.
  • Develop a deeper sense of nationalism and broader global perspective.

3.Intellectual Development

a. Broaden and heighten one’s abilities in the arts, physical
education, sciences, communication and technology to maximize one’s
potentials for self-fulfillment and promotion of the welfare of others .

b. Practice sense of excellence and social responsibility in all endeavour
and undertakings.

c. Apply acquired knowledge, skills and disposition in real-life situation to
   become useful members of the society and Church .

d. Enhance the skills needed for making intelligent decision for one’s choice
of career .

e. Acquire the competence needed in the different disciplines as preparation for college work.


The school creates an atmosphere for learning where the administrators, educators and parents help one another to foster:

  1. trust and confidence in God who is Father;
    • fraternity as brothers and sisters;
    • simplicity, humility and integrity;
    • inner-directedness and sound judgment;
    • culture of excellence;
    • generous service and love for the poor;
    • sense of responsibility and concern for the common good;
    • respect for the dignity of human life and integrity of creation; and
    • love for country, the Filipino culture and its heritage.

The Authentic Hijas de Jesus  student  is a person who:

  1. has deep trust and confidence in God  as a Father and considers others as brothers and sisters;
  2. is simple, humble and has integrity;
  3. is inner-directed and practices sound judgment
  4. strives for excellence;
  5. is responsible and concerned with the common good;
  6. is generous in serving others especially the poor ;
  7. loves his/her country; preserves and appreciates Filipino culture and heritage ; and
  8. respects the dignity of life and integrity of creation .

The Authentic Hijas de Jesus student is an instrument of joy, love, peace, truth and justice .