A Brief History Of Colegio De Las Hijas De Jesus, Inc.

PL-CasinoEuroOn June 7, 1936 , Colegio del Santo Angel, now Colegio de las Hijas de Jesus, Inc. was founded through the benevolent help received by the FI Sisters from Most Rev. James P. McClosky, bishop of Jaro, and Rev. Laurence Rogan, parish priest of Tanza, Iloilo City.

The school started with 55 pupils enrolled in Kinder. Grades I up to Grade IV were opened the following year; Grade V in 1938; Grade VI in 1939; and first year high school in 1940. War broke out in 1941 which ended temporarily the opening of more courses in the high school. Courses in second, third and fourth years began after the war and were completed in 1947.

In 1949, Government Recognition was granted for Kindergarten, Elementary and Secondary Courses. In the same year, “Colegio del Santo Angel” was named “Colegio de las Hijas de Jesus.”

With the untiring efforts and dedication of the Sisters, as well as the generous cooperative support of parents, benefactors and faculty, the school has withstood difficulties and trials and continues its educative mission. The school now offers Pre – elementary, Elementary, Junior and Senior High School .

 Today, Colegio de las Hijas de Jesus, Inc.  stands humbly as it carries through its missionary zeal of providing Christian Education, and lives the teachings and charism of its Foundress, Saint Candida Maria de Jesus.

As an educative community centered on Jesus Christ and inspired by the charism of its Foundress, it envisions to form a committed Christian who can be a concrete witness to Gospel values and can help build a society that is more humane and just.

Important Historical Events

1932 – Arrival of the pioneer Spanish Sisters in the Philippines

1936 – Opening of Colegio del Santo Angel in Iloilo for Elementary  level only

1941– Opening of First Year High School
During this year,  there was an  outbreak of World War II which led to the temporary closure of Colegio del Santo Angel. The Sisters, along with the rest of the Iloilo populace, evacuated to safer places leaving behind them burning buildings.
After the war, the Sisters returned and constructed  an “emergency nipa house”  which served as the school of many young students who had increased considerably in number.

1946 – Granted Government Recognition to Colegio del Santo Angel.
Complete Secondary and Elementary Courses were offered. A new concrete building with complete laboratory and library facilities was constructed.

1949 – Colegio del Santo Angel  was renamed Colegio de las Hijas de Jesus.

1986 – 50th Founding Anniversary of Colegio de las Hijas de Jesus,Inc.

1994 – Colegio de las Hijas de Jesus got registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and was named as Colegio de las Hijas de Jesus , Inc.

2004 – Approval of FAPE scholarship grant to CHJ High School Students

2005 – Acceptance of boys in the High School which changed the set-up from “exclusive for girls “ to coed

2006 – Application and Approval for PAASCU Accreditation of the Basic Education Program

2007 – Start of accepting boys from other schools in the High School department

2008 – PAASCU Preliminary  Visit / Construction of the Gymnasium

2010 – Launching of the Jubilee Year Celebration
Canonization of St. Candida Maria de Jesus, Foundress of Hijas de Jesus Congregation on October 17, 2010 at St. Peter Square Vatican City, Rome

2011 – PAASCU Formal Visit
Granted the 3 – year Level 1 PAASCU Accreditation Status for Basic Education Program ( May 13, 2011)
75th  Foundation   Anniversary

2012 – 100 Years  Death Anniversary of  St. Candida Maria de Jesus
100 years of Missionary Expedition to Brazil
Reconfiguration of Philippines with Japan and Bangladesh to Indico – Pacific Province

2014 – PAASCU Resurvey Accreditation

2015 – Granted five years Level II PAASCU Accreditation Status

2016 – Opening of the Senior High School  Grade 11 STEM and GAS strands

2017 – Opening of ABM and HUMSS strands  for Senior High School

2018 – Adoption of the new Hijas de Jesus Enhanced Educational Structure in the Philippines

2020 – PAASCU Resurvey  Accreditation  on January 27-28, 2020  and granted re-accreditation status for five years effective  February 26, 2020.